Evgenia Manyukova and Anastasia Myskina

Kate began playing tennis at Club Luzhniki where at the age of 12 she was coached by sisters Irina and Elena Granaturova.

It was the best and happiest time of my childhood. I'm really grateful to them!

Since 2007 and now on Kate's constant coach is Evgenia Manyukova.

Evgenia Aleksandrovna Manyukova (born on May 17, 1968, in Moscow) — Soviet and Russian professional tennis player, coach and sports administrator, Master of Sport of the USSR, International Class (1988), Merited Coach of Russia;

• Winner of the mixed doubles tournament of the French Open (1993);
• USSR champion in singles (twice) and mixed doubles;
• Winner of four WTA tournaments in women's doubles.

Ekaterina Makarova:

We used to spent a lot of time together with Evgenia Aleksandrovna when I played for Russian national junior teams. She traveled with us as the team captain. And somehow I was always under her wing in the national teams- both when I played in “under 14” category, and at 16, and at 18. And I liked everything in our team's training camp. And for the six years of my playing for Russian national junior teams, when I was sitting beside Manyukova during changing of the ends, I had lost only one singles match. I used to have some amazing positive stats,

When at some point I got stuck... I came to Evgenia Aleksandrovna by myself and just said: I don't know anything, I want to work with you and that's it! And we started working together; at first, Evgenia Aleksandrovna accompanied me only to Grand Slam tournaments. And so, 8 years are gone and we have a completely different schedule.

Evgenia Manyukova:

I've always believed in Kate, I think she has great potential. She is built physically very well – tall, slim, she is in perfect health, she can do everything on court. But the most important thing was to make her believe in herself, believe that she could defeat top players. This is what we're working on right now, as well as on physical condition, technique, tactics.

Kate has been right to like Nastya Myskina, her tennis, because Makarova doesn't have such powerful muscles or, say, serve at 220 km/h. But she has other advantages – she has good vision of the court, moves well, she knows how to place the serve so that the opponent across the net moved all the time, and she can strike unexpectedly to the part of the court where it would be difficult to handle it. I have kept Kate in sight for a long time and she played rather well in the junior tournaments. Since I am the captain of the national junior team, I know perfectly all the girls.

Several years ago, Ekaterina Makarova's team was completed by Anastasia Myskina - a friend and idol. She assists in training process and sometimes accompanies Kate at the tournaments.

Over the past three years, Kate has been assisted by Anatoliy Glebov, a massage therapist.

For 5 years, Kate has worked with Lilya Nurutdiniva, an Olympic Champion, at her overall physical condition. It was a fruitful cooperation.

Pyotr Ivanovich Naydyonov, a football player, helps Kate to work at her movement on court and improvement of footwork.